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Fire protection of Industrial Application

Rotating or other machinery is operated in virtually every industrial facility. The ‘machinery’ can consist of wide range of equipment: from diesel engines to transformers. The size can range from a gearbox to an entire paper machine. Due to the fire hazard the machinery involves, a fixed fire protection system is essential. The high availability requirements and personnel safety emphasizes the importance of fire protection. Following systems can offer for Industrial Application.

The fire risks normally involve accidental release of hydrocarbon liquids onto hot surfaces or overload in live electric apparatus.

The fixed fire protection system for machinery must be able to quickly extinguish or suppress the fire and protect the surroundings until relevant personnel have full control of the situation. The system should not be harmful to people, the protected equipment, or the environment, whether set off in a fire or discharged accidentally.

NewAge has following Products for Protection of the industrial plants
- Hydrant System Hoses , Hydrant Stand posts , Hose reels, Hoses, Nozzles Water Mist System.
- Fire Detection & Alarm System.
- Gas Flooding Systems like FE-227
- Smoke extractors
- Portable High Expansion Foam Generators

Fire protection of road and Rail tunnels

Fires inside long tunnels are rare but can be catastrophic. Intervention by the fire brigade is difficult due to access problems. Heat and smoke make fire-fighting operations dangerous and slow. Tunnel fires pose not only a life safety threat for car or train passengers, but also cause severe damage to the tunnel lining and mechanical and electrical systems. There is special concern about fires involving heavy goods vehicles, as evidence shows that the most disastrous real fires in tunnels, with the highest death rates, often start at or involve a truck. The fire protection objective is therefore to suppress any fire that may occur, stop the fire spreading to adjacent vehicles or carriages, and minimize damage to the tunnel and infrastructure. In addition the system should cool down the gases so as to make more tenable conditions for evacuation and access by fire brigades

It is not surprising that up to now only a few active fire protection systems have been installed in tunnels for practical reasons. Tunnel conditions are always windy, due to forced or natural ventilation, are typical. Tests and modeling have shown that hot smoke is immediately blown away from the actual fire location so until recently activation by heat detection was not considered reliable. Even when the correct location is found, the ventilation may blow the suppression agent away. Computer studies with conventional low-pressure sprinklers have shown that a large fire activates so many sprinklers that the size of piping and pump unit would be completely impractical. However recent full-scale tests have shown that water mist, due to its strong momentum, can effectively penetrate the windy and turbulent conditions encountered in tunnels, and reduce temperatures sufficiently to prevent fire spread and structural damage.

Computer and Server Rooms

There are two types of fire that can occur in a computer or telecom room, a smoldering fire and a flaming fire. The smoldering fire occurs when a plastic coated electronic component or cable overheats. The smoke produced by the smoldering plastic can quickly become a danger to people, and provide serious and widespread damage to electronic circuits throughout the space. The flaming fire is produced when the overheated component is left unchecked. A flaming fire can then start which can quickly spread and present a danger to nearby equipment and even the building itself.

Computer rooms & Server-rooms are the very important places in the Industries like IT Industries, Telecom Services, Design Centers, Call Centers, and BPO. NewAge has solution for fire protection. NewAge has following Fire Protection systems
Hydrant System Hoses , Hydrant Standposts , Hose reels, Hoses, Nozzles
Water Mist System
Fire Detection & Alarm System
Gas Flooding Systems like FE-227
Fire Pack Systems