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Product Details

Extinguisher Box

  • Lightweight & weatherproof
  • Wall mounted / Self standing
  • Finished with post office red colour or natural
     Product Code No.    Description   Storage   Material Of
    CA-EB-01    300mm X 800mm             X300mm  Singleextinguisher   Mild steel
    S.SFRP    Polyethylene
    CA-EB-02    600mm X 800mm X           300 mm    Twoextinguishers  
    CA-EB-03    300mm X 800mm X         300 mm      Singleextinguisher  
    CA-EB-04   600mm X 800mm X         300 mm   Two extinguishers  
    CA-EB-05    350mm X 350mm X         800 mm   Single extinguisher  
    CA-EB-06    280mm X 280mm X         645 mm   Two extinguishers